Building Momentum

Over two years ago I founded DataCosmos with the purpose of building technologies that would transform the way we share, discover, and organize content on the web. Much has changed in the world and the web in the past two years. But the purpose of DataCosmos has only become more clear and urgent.

So, I'm picking up the pace. In August I moved to San Francisco, the mecca of internet technology startups. This town is absolutely swarming with young world-changers and seasoned entrepreneurs. Brain waves bounce around laptop filled coffee shops and coworking labs. Conversations about products, technologies, markets, opportunities, and the Next Big Thing can be overheard on every other city block, muni bus, or bar stool. Hacker, geek, designer, startup meetup groups keep people downtown long after regular office hours. And everyone is looking for someone.

DataCosmos isn't an app. It isn't a web site. It isn't a neatly built, packaged, and distributed product. It is a set of services, standards, and protocols that will augment the web itself. It is a massive undertaking. It will require the participation of all sorts of people. It will require a movement.

That is why I created the Secure Open Social of San Francisco meetup group. Initial responses have been encouraging. People understand the problems with our current social systems and many are interested in doing something about them. This group will hopefully attract those people, provide a forum for debate on possible solutions, and motivate people to work together on building them.

In addition to organizing that meetup group, I've been focusing on articulating what DataCosmos is exactly, why we need it, and what sort of impact it could have. Stay tuned for posts on this and other developmentsā€¦

For those of you who've heard me talk about DataCosmos for the past two years, thanks for sticking with me. It's been slow going, but I think we're finally building momentum.

Change happens quickly when its time has come. ;)

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  1. Andy Bralley November 10, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Good write up… keep it going, big things always start out small… persisitence makes all the difference.

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